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Candlewood Water Quality

Date:  August 12, 2022   


Dear Candlewood Resident,

We wanted to address a complaint and clarify the proper process and procedures for addressing or reporting water quality issues for residents of Candlewood Estates.

Sangamon Valley Public Water District received a water quality complaint in Candlewood Estates on August 10, 2022. After investigation, SVPWD has determined that the water quality issue was caused by work being done to their own internal system by the owner of Candlewood Estates.

Sangamon Valley Public Water District has no responsibility for maintenance, repair or replacement of Candlewood mobile home park’s private water distribution and sewer collection systems. SVPWD has NEVER done any service line or water main repairs within Candlewood Park. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any general maintenance within the park, nor for shutoff of water mains etc.  Candlewood is a private mobile home park and just like with any other single residence or private owner we serve, the district is not responsible for, nor does it do work for which the private owner is responsible.  It would be improper for the district to take on these liabilities and as a result, it is in the best interest of SVPWD to insist that the Owners and Management of Candlewood Estates take proper responsibility for maintenance and repair issues.

Moving forward, it is our suggestion that the owner of Candlewood Estates follow these best practices as they address maintenance issues within their park:

  • Prior to starting the water main repairs, Candlewood notifies customers of the service interruption including an approximation for how many hours the water or water mains will be shut off.
  • Utilize a licensed plumber for all repairs as required by the department of public health.
  • Issue any and all public health required boil orders for loss of water pressure below 20 psi. 
  • Immediately flush through the nearest hydrant to alleviate any discolored water issues.

As a note, it is typical to experience discoloration of water after a water main has been shut down and then recharged.  Flushing the system after any repairs will help to alleviate this issue.


We want to assure you that SVPWD has a rigorous process for monitoring the safety and quality of the water that leaves our plant and while it passes through the parts of the system that SVPWD is responsible for:


  • SVPWD monitors the water system 24/7 through an automated computer system called SCADATA.
  • Treated water is tested each day at the treatment plant and throughout the water distribution system. The wells, treatment plant and distribution system are tested each month for presence of e-coli and total coliform.
  • The district must continuously prove the water is safe to drink to state regulators.


SVPWD provides water quality that not only meets but exceeds all state and federal water quality standards, which you can view on our Annual Water Quality Report on our website at www.svpwd.com

If you have any question with respect to this process, please call the district at 217-586-2534 or e-mail me at info@svpwd.com.


If you have concerns or questions regarding water quality issues, please contact Candlewood Estates Management and Ownership as they are responsible for addressing those issues.




General Manager

Kerry Gifford