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The mission of the Sangamon Valley Public Water District is to protect the public health and environment, to provide quality water services in a reliable, affordable and customer-oriented fashion, and to maintain a vision for future growth and needs of our customers.

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Seymour Due Date Change Coming in September!

August 07, 2019



We are writing this to inform you that your billing cycle will be changing in SEPTEMBER. In an effort to improve efficiency in the office and in the field, we will be converting all of our customers to a single billing cycle.



In SEPTEMBER you will receive 2 bills.

  • Your first bill will be mailed around September 10th, and will be due on September 25th
  • Your second bill will be mailed around September 30th, and will be due on October 20th
  • YOUR NEW DUE DATE WILL BE THE 20TH OF EACH MONTH, instead of the 25th


Please feel free to contact us in the office with any questions regarding this upcoming cycle change....

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'Tis the season

'Tis the season

December 01, 2019

'Tis the season of holidays— days for family, days for good cheer. Days for remembering, celebrating, gift-giving, and merry-making.

The holidays are rife with traditions, many of them decades— even centuries— old. Traditions are a link to the past.  Tradition means “handed down from one generation to the next.” Traditions remind us that we are not isolated individuals, we do not live in a vacuum; we are part of history, part of culture, part of a family.  The holidays themselves are a way of remembering the past, commemorating important events —days set apart for a special purpose. 

Our holidays, and our holiday traditions, are dear to us. But where do our holidays and traditions come from? 

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