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Urgent - Water Use Restriction



Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022



SVPWD Customers,

Today our facilities experienced power outages due to a power spike issue from Ameren Illinois.  All of our wells have surge protection and this particular spike was so large it engaged and compromised those safety mechanisms.   


As a result of this power surge, two of our three wells have experienced catastrophic failures and we are only able to pump water from one well.


Under normal circumstances, during summer months, we are able to keep up with water use with two wells running simultaneously. However, we are unable to operate two wells at this time.


Repairs are already in progress and are expected to be completed no later than Monday, June 27th.


Due to this event occurring, and the inability to complete repairs before Monday, SVPWD Board held an emergency meeting at 8:15pm tonight, and voted through Ordinance to issue an emergency, TEMPORARY LEVEL 1 - WATER USE RESTRICTION.


District Ordinance 3.15 - Water Use Restrictions Level 1 Water Use Restriction:

Level 1: Water shall not be used from the water system for the watering of yards, gardens, shrubs, trees or/and other open spaces. Water from the system shall not be used for the initial filling of swimming pools or for the washing of houses or other buildings or for the washing of automobiles, trucks, motor homes and recreational vehicles or any other vehicles by private individuals not at a commercial car-washing establishment.


If water use is not restricted, high water demand could decrease pressure in the system making it unsafe for fire protection and increase the potential for boil orders.


We appreciate the cooperation of our customers and your compliance with this emergency ordinance.  As you know, keeping our water flowing to you is our main focus and so your help during this emergency ensures we can continue that mission.


As a reminder, SVPWD Customers are those that reside North of I+74 and East of Route 47.

Please call our office with any questions at 217-586-2534.

-SVPWD Office