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Important Information

Dear SVPWD Residents,

It has come to our attention that a petition has been formed and is being circulated in the community to change the way SVPWD Board Members are selected. The petition proposes to change Board Members from being appointed officials to being elected officials.  It has been reported to us by customers that the reasons being suggested by those requesting signatures are incorrect and false.  So that you, our customers, are properly informed about this issue, we wanted to share the correct information with you.


The current selection process for appointment goes through the Champaign County Board and is not handled internally in any way by SVPWD. The Champaign County Board reviews candidates who have applied for appointment based on demographic, experiences and previous years served on the Board.


The requirements to apply for appointment ensure that the board members must live in Champaign County. SVPWD further restricts the requirements through its Ordinance, that candidates must reside in the townships that are within the SVPWD Boundaries. These townships include Mahomet, Newcomb, and Hensley only. Candidates who apply from townships or cities outside of these three would be denied appointment by the County Board.


Additionally, we have been informed that rumors are being spread regarding a potential rate increase for minimum users that would increase the minimum bill from $35.73 up to $90.00. This information is false.


The current Board is working on a process that would require an annual review of rates to make an informed decision on whether to increase, decrease, or keep rates the same each year, but it is not the intention, nor in any discussion, to automatically raise the minimum rate. 


It is unfortunate that this mis-information is being spread in the community and we are attempting to correct that with this communication.   We ask that if you have any questions regarding SVPWD, please direct them to our office.


Our mission and vision remain the same: To protect the public health and environment, to provide quality water services in a reliable, affordable, and customer-oriented fashion, and to maintain a vision for future growth and needs of our customers.



P: 217-586-2534

E: Info@svpwd.com