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Winter Protection for Meters OUTSIDE of the Home

Winter Protection of Water Services and Meters Located OUTSIDE of the Home:

All water pipes and the water meter need to be wrapped with heat tape and insulation. Heat tape and insulation kits are available from most hardware distributors.

If you live in a home where it appears that this procedure has already been done, you need to make sure that the heat tape is “plugged-in” and that the breaker is functioning. If you have doubts about the quality of the heat tape it would be best to replace it.

As a reminder, if your water meter is located outside of the skirting of the mobile home, any efforts to protect the system must still allow access for meter reading.

General Information:

 Mobile Home residents are responsible for making sure that the meter and service line is protected from freezing conditions.

  • If a LINE is frozen: Contact a plumber of your choice to properly thaw the line. SVPWD is not responsible for frozen or damaged service lines.
  • If the METER is frozen: Contact SVPWD for a new meter base. The cost for a replacement base is $104.00 and must be paid for in full prior to re-building the meter.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to bring in the broken meter to SVPWD to install the new base. Once installed it is the customer’s responsibility to re-install the meter.
  • SVPWD will re-build the meter with a new base by appointment only, during regular business hours. SVPWD does not offer replacements/rebuilds during non-business hours.