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Fiber-optic Schedule Update-Briarcliff & Thornewood Subdivisions

Please see the updated schedule for Campus Communications Group.

Week ending 6/19:

-Briarwood and Ridgefield, east on Ridgefield to Woodberry Dr.

-Ridgefield and Woodberry, east on Ridgefield to end of street.

-Briarwood and Oak Valley Rd, south on Briarwood to Forest Ridge Dr.

Week Ending 6/26:

-Briarwood and Forest Ridge, SE on Forest Ridge to end of street.

-Forest Ridge and Willowgrove, south on Willowgrove to end of St.

-*Briarcliff* Briarcliff Dr and 47, east on Briarcliff to Lake Pointe

-Briarcliff and Lake Pointe, SE on Lake Pointe to end of street

Week Ending 7/3:

-Briarcliff and Beaver Creek, north on Beaver Creek to end of street

-Briarcliff and Beaver Creek, south on Beaver Creek to end of street

-Briarcliff and Lake Pointe, NE to Hillside Ln

-Hillside Ln


As a reminder our previous notice details are below:

The Village of Mahomet, as the governing body with oversight of the public right of way, have permitted Campus Communication Group (CCG) to bore in new fiber optic lines in your subdivision.

Please be aware that J.U.L.I.E. law requires utilities to locate what they own and operate. Sangamon Valley Public Water District (SVPWD) owns the water and sewer mains only. Therefore, SVPWD will locate the water main but not the service line to your home.

SVPWD has clearly informed CCG that they are responsible for protecting your water service line.


If damage occurs to your service line during boring construction you will need to contact the CCG, and not SVPWD.

*CCG’s tentative construction schedule below.

Campus Communications Group

CCG Support: 217-353-3045 (this is a dedicated resource not for troubleshooting technical problems)

CCG Tech Support: 1-888-799-7249

Website: www.ccgfiber.com


If you have specific questions for SVPWD, please reach out to us with the contact information below.


P: 217-586-2534

Email: info@svpwd.com Website: www.svpwd.com